Which targeted nutritional approaches can bolster micro-preemies’ brain development?

The volume of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and calories consumed by very vulnerable preemies significantly contributes to increased brain volume and white matter development, however additional research is needed to determine specific nutritional approaches that best support these infants’ developing brains.

Source: Which targeted nutritional approaches can bolster micro-preemies’ brain development? Brain development in very low birthweight preemies lags behind peers born full term — ScienceDaily


Teens That Cook Eat More Nutritiously as Adults

A new study found that teen cooking skills can go a long way toward nutritional well-being in adulthood. Learn more about the study and get tips on how to get your children up to speed in the kitchen. Bonus tips for adults who don’t cook too.

Source: Teens That Cook Eat More Nutritiously as Adults, Says Study

Kids and Nutrition: How We Can Help

Two interesting studies on eating habits regarding children came out recently. One covers the way genetic variants influence the choice of snacks by children. Certain genes determine the sensitivity to fat, sweet, bitter, etc. leading to snack preference. Another study looked into the relationship between kids’ ability to identify food and then to be able to classify them as healthy or unhealthy.

Sweet, bitter, fat: Genetics play a role in kids’ snacking patterns

In this instance, genetics definitely play a role. Not to say that environment does not have an impact; it does. The University of Guelph sought to determine what impact, if any, genetics have on choice of food by children. Researcher Elie Chamoun documented the daily eating habits of about 50 preschool aged children and found that in most cases, the majority of calories were coming from snacks. Chamoun also found that the snack preference (sweet, salty, etc.) was correlated with genetic variants tied to sensitivity of certain tastes.

“…kids with a sweet tooth, who have the gene related to sweet taste preference, ate snacks with significantly more calories from sugar.”

“…children with the genetic variant related to fat taste sensitivity were found to consume snacks with higher energy density…may have low oral sensitivity to fat and therefore consume more fatty foods without sensing it.”

“…children with the genetic variant related to avoiding bitter vegetables also consumed snacks with high energy density…replacing those healthy veggies with unhealthy snacks…avoiding the healthy ones.”

The reason for this research, according to Chamoun was to help parents, schools, and others to help children to improve their food choices and health.



mom and child sharing a meal
Mother and Child Eating


Descriptive phrases help preschoolers better understand healthy eating

Published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, this recent study was designed to determine how well children could identify food, food pairings, and whether or not foods are healthy.

Lead author of the study, Jody S. Nicholson, PhD at University of North Florida, studied 235 children, ages three to six. To test their food knowledge Nicholson and other researchers used “An assessment tool with 26 pictures of foods and drinks that preschoolers could be offered…items were divided into 13 pairs and were differentiated as high contrast (e.g., carrots vs donuts) and low-contrast (e.g., crackers vs chips.)”

A post-analysis of the data revealed that the ability to categorize food and parings was related to snack choice. Age also factored in, with older kids being better able to identify, categorize, and pair foods. The older children were also better able to identify healthy foods.

This study, like the previous one, was designed to gather more information about how children are making choices regarding food. With the growing obesity rates in children as in adults, making more informed choices regarding food is vital.



Boosting Sirt4 gene activity extends healthy lifespan in fruit flies — So Eat Your Sirtuins

Researchers illustrate that Sirt4, also found in humans, may be an important factor in age-related metabolic decline and healthy lifespan.

Source: Boosting Sirt4 gene activity extends healthy lifespan in fruit flies — ScienceDaily

Meal Plans

The NFS Meal Plans page is up!

For now there are 3 basic meal plans built around when you workout. Whether you get your exercise in first thing in the morning or at the very end of your day, eating the right stuff at the right times is key. I’ve also added a lot more to the Recipes page, so that following the meal plans won’t get boring.

Meal plan for morning workouts

Meal plan for afternoon workouts

Meal plan for evening workouts

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U.S. News is wrong about what constitutes the best diet–Why Mediterranean and DASH diets are not the best

Americans have largely been following U.S. News diet recommendations for 50 years, and in that time, rates of obesity and Type 2 diabetes have skyrocketed.

Source: U.S. News is wrong about what constitutes the best diet