Meal Plans

The NFS Meal Plans page is up! For now there are 3 basic meal plans built around when you workout. Whether you get your exercise in first thing in the morning or at the very end of your day, eating… Read More ›

Wanna Workout?

The NFS Workouts page is live! There you’ll find some of my favorites, some classics, and other workouts that are hopefully useful and fun for you. I’ll be adding more over time. NFShealth Workouts


The NFS recipes page is up and slowly growing. I’ve added a couple things I enjoy regularly, and will be adding more over time. My take on bacon-wrapped jalapeƱos stuffed with cream cheese will be up soon. Click here for… Read More ›


You’ve found the hub for all things NFS -Nutrition, Fitness, and Strength- related. Over the coming weeks and months I will be adding as much content and features as time permits.   Stay Tuned!