Meal Plans

The NFS Meal Plans page is up!

For now there are 3 basic meal plans built around when you workout. Whether you get your exercise in first thing in the morning or at the very end of your day, eating the right stuff at the right times is key. I’ve also added a lot more to the Recipes page, so that following the meal plans won’t get boring.

Meal plan for morning workouts

Meal plan for afternoon workouts

Meal plan for evening workouts

Recipe Collection


Wanna Workout?

The NFS Workouts page is live! There you’ll find some of my favorites, some classics, and other workouts that are hopefully useful and fun for you. I’ll be adding more over time.

NFShealth Workouts

BMI, TDEE, 1RM, And More

Not sure what your BMI is? Want to know how many calories you should be eating? The Calculators page can help you figure all that out. From body composition (BMR/TDEE) to body mass (BMI). Even your one rep max (1RM) and corresponding percentages like 6RM or 8RM. It can all be found in the Calculators section. I also have the “How Keto Is It?” calcuator there.

Click here for the NFS calculators page.