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  • The Many Benefits of Sauna Use

    health benefits of sauna use

    While not exactly a new thing, using the sauna has been shown somewhat recently to have tremendous health benefits. More and more quality research is coming out demonstrating that regular sauna use is so beneficial for people in so many… Read More ›

  • Paleo and Whole 30

    paleo/whole 30 food

    There are many different diets and ways of eating. A popular way of eating somewhat recently is the paleo diet. And related to the paleo diet is the whole 30 diet. Paleo Short for paleolithic, and also called the “caveman”… Read More ›

  • Diabetes Perspective

    type 2 diabetes

    A recent study set out to challenge the long held view that insulin resistance and elevated levels of blood glucose were among the causes of type 2 diabetes. The German Cancer Research Center observed that in flies elevated levels of… Read More ›

  • Supplement Focus: Multivitamin


    Multivitamins are, for some reason, a bit controversial. Some people say you need them, others insist they do more harm than good. So, what are multivitamins, really? Do you need them? Should everyone be taking one? What constitutes a “good”… Read More ›

  • Fit Women And Dementia

    Women working out

    Physically fit women are less likely to develop dementia, claims a recent study conducted by the University of Gothenburg and published in American Academy of Neurology. Women who are physically fit are up to 90% less likely to develop dementia… Read More ›

  • Warm Up

    warm up

    Warm Up before you exercise. You’ve heard it many times. Maybe you do, sometimes you don’t. How important is warming up, really? What makes up a good warm up? Do you stretch? Jog? Jumping Jacks?   Why You Warm Up… Read More ›

  • Cupping “Therapy”


    Cupping, the practice of using suction on the surface of the skin with cups, is quite an interesting topic. While the practice is quite old, it was unknown to most people until Michael Phelps was seen in his last Olympic… Read More ›