The Breath

Most of us taking breathing for granted. It just..happens. We don’t need to think about it, right? But our breath is important. Despite the fact that we waste it in arguments, hold it while waiting for something, and struggle to catch it when busy or exhausted.

The breath, breathing can be a very powerful tool. Controlling your breathing is a very useful skill to develop and use. Proper breathing is key in most forms of exercise, in meditation, sleep, and more. My first exposure to manipulating the breath for actual results was in yoga. Pranayama, which is the practice of controlling the breath, is the first thing you do in hot/bikram yoga. It facilitates what comes after.

Want to see how powerful the breath is? Take 6 slow, deep breaths. Inhale for about 5 seconds, exhale for about 5 seconds. Repeat. Six deep breaths. Feel better? You just: lowered your blood pressure, calmed your sympathetic(fight-or-flight) nervous system, and increased blood flow to your heart and tissues. And that only took about 30 seconds.

If this interests you, look into:

-Box breathing

-Holotropic breathwork

-Wim Hof method

-Valsalva/Frenzel maneuvers


Author: NFShealth

Certified personal trainer, grad student in nutrition. Obsessed about all things regarding nutrition and health.

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