Earthing grounding benefits

Also known as Earthing, grounding is still considered to be on the fringe of science. While usually regarded as a complete pseudoscience, grounding does have a growing body of research alleging benefits.


Grounding/Earthing ‘Therapy’

The practice of grounding involves being in direct physical contact with the Earth. Or being grounded via an electrical ground. There are an increasing number of business producing grounding devices that facilitate grounding even when not plausible to be in direct contact with the Earth.

grounding earthing benefits

Reported Benefits

While quality research is relatively recently starting to come out, the practice of grounding is not new. There are many proponents of grounding who swear by the benefits the practice can offer.

Among the many benefits reported by supporters and researchers are:

  • Wound healing
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Improvement in sleep quality
  • Improved blood flow
  • Mood enhancement
  • Energy
  • Recovery from exercise


How It Works

The way grounding or Earthing is said to work is quite simple. The Earth, naturally, has a mild negative charge. Throughout our daily activities such as being indoors, wearing rubber soled shoes, etc., our bodies build up a positive charge. These same activities leave us unable to discharge the positively charged particles we accumulate. By being in contact with the Earth, our bodies are able to release those charged particles.

grounding earthing benefits
Feet in the sand

How To

Aside from the very simple way of being outside in the grass or dirt, there are some other ways to ground yourself. As mentioned before, many companies are producing devices that allow you to ground yourself even indoors. One of these devices is an Earthing sheet. An Earthing sheet plugs into the existing ground wire in your home or office, when the sheet is placed on your body, it allows your charged particles to discharge. Another method of grounding is to prevent the buildup of positively charged particles in the first place by using earthing shoes. Inside Earthing shoes a small conductor creates a ground, simulating being in direct contact with the Earth. One other way to be grounded, even indoors is an Earthing mat. An Earthing mat works similarly to an Earthing sheet, but more appropriate for under your feet at your desk or sitting on the couch. They are ideal for working at a computer as they help to reduce EMF (electromagnetic field) disruption.


Whether grounding/Earthing works remains to be conclusively seen. People that like it swear by it, and whether or not the benefits they report are placebo or not, they’re feeling better. That counts for something, right?
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