Fitness and strength are not only physical attributes. They are intangibles of a person as well. In order to achieve anything difficult, challenging, truly meaningful, one must be fit and strong where it counts most: your brain.

There are various strategies to achieve and maintain strength in your thought processes, interpretations and the like. One great technique is meditation. Just the word meditation evokes many different things. It can be as simple or complex as you need it to be. For some, 2 hours a day is needed others need only 10 minutes. The goal is the same: clarity, calm, relaxation, focus.

With so many benefits coming from regular meditation and the fact that it can be done anywhere, with no required equipment, there is no reason to not at least try meditating. Studies continue to be published demonstrating the many positive effects of meditation. On a physiological level, mediation appears to reduce inflammatory processes, boost the immune system, reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, promote cortical gray matter regrowth (regrow your brain), slow and prevent neurological aging, and improve focus and attention. That’s quite a few benefits from something you can do outside for 20 minutes a day for free.

How do I meditate? You may be asking. It’s simple, but not easy at first. It is generally advised that when first going about developing the habit of meditating you should try for twice a day, for shorter amounts of time, 10-20 minutes. The goal is to achieve total relaxation, clarity, and calmness. Both inside and outside. Your body, your thoughts, everything needs to be aligned, and calm but focused. Meditation is a skill and like any skill, it needs to be developed. You’re first day at the gym wouldn’t be a 2 hour workout, so take the same approach with meditating. Work your way up to it, with shorter more frequent periods. As you get more used to the process, you will “go under” more easily and in less time. Your goal is to “go under” and stay there for as much time as necessary. At first it may take time. In 20 minutes, you may only spend a few minutes “under.” That’s ok. Keep at it.

As with eating, exercise, and so much more: what works for you is the best method. I wake up as early as necessary, to get my 20 or so minutes every morning. I feel better the rest of the day for it. The types of meditation are vast and can all be beneficial, transcendental, kundalini, heart-rhythm, mindfulness, and so much more. Research a few, try a few. Ultimately though, do what works.


Author: NFShealth

Certified personal trainer, grad student in nutrition. Obsessed about all things regarding nutrition and health.

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